152 West 25th Street, 3rd floor, New York
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Lighting: Sconces

Quiet Hummingbird
Small Sconces
Large Sconce
Pair of Triscota Sconces
Pair of Onyx Sconces

Lighting: Chandeliers

Triscota Chandelier
Pendant Lamp
Black Glass Chandy
White Glass Chandy
Murano Chandelier
Lampara de Lagrimas
Tube Chandelier, 2002

Lighting: Table

Single Perch Lamp
Chicken Lamp
Super Loukoum
Double White Loukoum
Wave Loukoum
Petite White Loukoum
Triscota Table Lights
Champagne Loukoum
Petite Yellow Loukoum
Double Yellow Loukoum
Yellow Frosted Loukoum
Large White Loukoum
Hole Light
Anis Cube

Lighting: Floor

Crane Floor Lamp
Triscota Floor Light

Lighting: Other

Rados Candles
Bird Perch Candleholder #2
Bird Perch Candleholder