152 West 25th Street, 3rd floor, New York
T. 212 219 9941

Seating: Chaise

Wing Chaise Longue
Wing Chaise Longue

Seating: Stools

Rotten Apple
Brand Me Baby
Holy Mackerel
Spin-Off Stools
El Castor Tattoo Stool

Seating: Sofas

Delta Sofa

Seating: Chairs

Reeve Chair
Set of Four Desert Weave Dining Chairs
Chiaroscuro Chair
Kosuth Chair (Three In One)
Pair of Cowgirl Chairs
Gun Chair No. 2
Chicken Chair
Occupy Chair: We Are The 99%
Occupy Chair: Wall Street Is Our Street
Occupy Chair: Too Big To Fail Is Too Big To Allow
Occupy Chair: 1% Rich 99% Poor
Occupy Chair: Shit Is Fucked Up and Bullshit
Occupy Chair: Kill Corporate Greed
Occupy Chair: I'm So Angry I Made A Sign
Occupy Chair: Hungry? Eat A Banker
Levantate y Anda Bar Stool
Prototype Dining Chair
Dining Chair
Louis XVI Chair
Salt Point Bench
Delta Chair
Santo Chair

Seating: Benches

Alloy Bench
Alloy Bench
Alloy Bench
The Guardians Bench
Dawn Before Time Bench
Bird Perch Bench
Chitra Bench
Infiniti Bench
Keep Walking Bench
Keep Walking Bench
La Marie-lou Bench
La Georgette Bench
Keep Walking Bench
Plywood bowl bench