Christophe Côme

Christophe Côme

1965 - 
Nationality: French

Christophe Côme works in the great tradition of artists and craftsmen. Raised in an artistic family, his uncle is a renown ceramicist and his sister is an acclaimed illustrator.

Côme studied under the French sculptor Louis Derbe where he learned the technique of casting bronze. Côme’s original creations were sculptures and jewelry, but towards the mid 1990s he started exploring furniture forms. After a visit to a glass studio in 1995, he began incorporating glass into his pieces. The addition of this medium revolutionized his work.

Côme's inspiration for designs range from architectural wrought ironwork to contemporary sculpture to objects found in nature. Starting with conventional iron, he shapes and defines the forms through texture and oxidation producing distinctive finishes. Côme pairs these objects with industrial crystal and molded glass lenses that he often transforms through carving, melting, and slumping. The metamorphosis of this raw industrial material through Come’s stylistic vocabulary creates objects that transcend time.

A true heir to the French tradition of design and craftsmanship, his works evokes the architectural austerity of Pierre Chareau and echoes the modern sensibility towards materials found in the work of Jean Royére. His work has a distinctive style of pure elegance that is balanced with a fresh outlook. His sculptural perspective emanates through his furniture and lighting design elevating everyday objects into works of art.

Côme is based in Paris, France.


2017 Christophe Côme Solo Exhibition, Cristina Grajales Gallery, New York

2017 Exhibitionists Group Show, Cristina Grajales Gallery, New York

2016 Spring Group Show, Cristina Grajales Gallery, New York

2016 Rise and Shine Group Show, Cristina Grajales Gallery, New York

2013 Winter Group Show, Cristina Grajales Gallery, New York

2012 Material Transformation, Cristina Grajales Gallery, New York

2012 Design at Fairchild: Sitting Naturally, The Fairchild Gardens, Coral Gables, FL


Christophe Côme

Available Works:

Lava Cabinet
Oval Tube Cabinet
Lava Cabinet
Irregular Enfilade
Enfilade Silver
10 Cabinet
Onyx Cabinet
Coffee Table
Enamel Mirror
Oblique Screen
Set of Firetools
Anis Cube
Hole Light
Large White Loukoum
Yellow Frosted Loukoum
Double Yellow Loukoum
Petite Yellow Loukoum
Champagne Loukoum
Pair of Onyx Sconces
Triscota Table Lights
Triscota Floor Light
Pair of Triscota Sconces
Pair of Sidetables
Petite White Loukoum
Wave Loukoum
Green Lava Cabinet
Yellow Lava Cabinet
Brown Lava Cabinet
Triscota Cabinet
Palladium Cabinet
Tube Cabinet
Onyx Tall Cabinet
Coffee Table
Emerald Mirror
Double White Loukoum
Pair of Sidetables
Silver Mirror
Jewel Box
Red Jewel Box
Infiniti Bench
Super Loukoum
Red Enamel Table
Purple Lava Cabinet
Rock Crystal Jewel Box
Tall Triscota Cabinet
Pyramid Cabinet
Disc Cabinet
Coffee Table
Smoked Side Table
Lava Jewel Box
Triscota Chandelier
Marcus Cabinet
Enamel Mirror
Round Coffee Table
White Lava Cabinet
Wrought Iron Cabinet
Honey Silver Cabinet
Small Triscota Cabinet
Lava Table Lights
Orange Light
Yellow Vertical Light
Floor Lamp
Three-Arm Triscota Chandelier
Wave Lamp
Onyx Cabinet
Camouflage Cabinet
Exploding Loukoum