Mark Welsh

Mark Welsh

1958 - 
Nationality: New Zealand

Mark Welsh was raised on a remote sheep farm on the north island of New Zealand. Against a pristine backdrop of forests, paddocks and lakes, he witnessed nature at its most primal; violent birth and savage deaths, predators, parasites, and macabre deformities in both crop and flock that were furtively hidden away. Two-headed calves. Intestines spilling from freshly slaughtered sheep. These were among the everyday sights that informed Welsh’s darkly tinged visual vernacular. As a result, he developed an ambivalent relationship with nature in which the beautiful and grotesque are inextricably intertwined. This viewpoint informs and inspires his distinctive mixed media collage; multi-layered works that challenge and subvert the naturalist depictions of Audubon, Buffon, Albertus Seba, et al, to reveal a visceral truth seething beneath nature’s picture-perfect surface. Formed with multiple layers of acrylic, paper, shell, and varnish, these ominous pieces often comprise narratives hidden within the paint, lurking like metaphors for the natural worlds' ever present menace. The more you look, the more you see.


2017 Exhibitionsts Group Show, Cristina Grajales Gallery, New York

2013 Winter Group Show, Cristina Grajales Gallery, New York

2012 Pegasus Group Show, Cristina Grajales Gallery, New York

2012 New York, New York Group Show, Cristina Grajales Gallery, New York

Mark Welsh

Available Works:

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Unnatural Curiosities II
Unnatural Curiosities III
Unnatural Curiosities IV
Unnatural Curiosities V
Ghost Birds
Unnatural Curiosities VII
Pachyderm Prey
Space Mistress
Anatomy of an Audubon
Garden of Unearthly Delights