Sebastian Errazuriz

Body of Work
A new collaboration between artists Sebastian Errazuriz and Ross Bleckner, Body of Work. Errazuriz conceived the box paintings which will be presented on the floor as a coffee table. When opened, an inner design in the form of a traditional artist flat-file is revealed. Each of the four individually framed paintings inside the table can be switched to replace the cover image, or can be taken out of the table and hung as artwork.
Taking each painting out of Body of Work was designed to be experienced like stripping away each layer of paint from a painting until we finally find the artist hidden behind his work. True to the concept, the fourth and final painting inside is a life-sized photograph of the artist, Ross Bleckner, lying naked on what could be a stretcher or autopsy table, leaving an ephemeral body of work to which he dedicated his life.
Both Sebastian Errazuriz and Ross Bleckher have a history of dealing with the fragility of life as a major theme in their work. Never before had either considered to expose themselves to this extent and directly explore their own mortality for an art project.

Wood, glass and metal, 2011
13”h x 34”w x 81 ½”l