Pedro Barrail: Welcome to the Jungle

Publisher: Cristina Grajales Gallery
Publication Date: November, 2014

Cristina Grajales Gallery is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition in the United States of new works by Pedro Barrail, Welcome to the Jungle.

Featuring over twenty new pieces, Welcome to the Jungle will continue Barrail’s exploration of contemporary versus native dialogue. From his furniture forms tattooed by the ancient Pai Tavytera tribe in the Amazonas to cabinets and tables composed of ceramic tiles printed with imagery of dense, urban landscapes, Welcome to the Jungle will focus on the importance of symbolic imagery and graphics in both urban and rural centers in South America and beyond.

Barrail was born in Paraguay. He worked and studied in Miami from 1983 until 1994, where he received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Fine Arts, Architecture, and Urban and Town Design from the University of Miami. Barrail’s handcrafted pieces evoke the traditions of South America as well as contemporary furniture design. His pieces are part of private and public collections internationally, and have been reference in publications such as Art & Auction, New York Times, Wallpaper Magazine and the Financial Times.

Barrail has represented Paraguay in several international exhibitions, fairs and Biennales including the prestigious Biennale Di Venezia in 2013, where his work was part of the first official Paraguayan Pavilion.

Price: $20.00

Pedro Barrail: Welcome to the Jungle